The game

Chardonnay Pitts first appeared as a recurring character in Season 5 and later joined the main cast of the The Game from Seasons 6-9. She is portrayed by Brandy Norwood.


Chardonnay was a bartender when she first met Jason at the bar where she works. Chardonnay refused to serve Jason so Jason got her fired. After feeling bad, Jason offers to take her out to eat. They somehow end up in Tijuana, Jason and Chardonnay get drunk and end up getting married as the result of a dare. They travel back to San Diego to get their marriage annulled but eventually fall in love with each other during the 6 weeks they have to wait for the annulment to process. In the season 5 finale, the couple decide not to go through with the annulment and stay married. Jason also buys Chardonnay her own spa. In season 7, Jason accidentally kisses his ex-wife, Kelly, which Chardonnay doesn't know about until Jason tells her after faking a car accident and promising her that there would be no more lying in their relationship. Jason then proposes again to Chardonnay, but she kisses some random person and then accepts.

In the season 7 finale, at their wedding/vow renewal, Jason says that he still loves Kelly while reciting his vows to Chardonnay. Chardonnay slaps Jason across the face and storms down the aisle angry and upset.

In season 8, a heartbroken Chardonnay divorces Jason and leaves San Diego, but in the season finale, she sees Jason standing with Kelly during a press conference and vows to return to San Diego to get revenge on Jason.

In season 9, she returns to San Diego to expose Jason's steroids use on national television, but is outsmarted by Jason and Kelly when they appear during her interview and Jason attributes his steroids use to the pressures of his football career.

Chardonnay later finds out that Jason remarried Kelly and confronts Kelly leading Kelly to admit that she was always out to win Jason back. A devastated Chardonnay turns to God to get her life back on track. She briefly dates the Sabers Owner's son, Roger Jr., but breaks up with him because she felt she wasn't quite ready to start dating again.


Jason Pitts (Ex-husband, Seasons 5-8)