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IRV Smith is a manger and owner of ISM (Irv Smith Management).

Irv is introduced in season 1 when he tries to sign Malik Wright but buts heads with Tasha Mack, who knows Irv is nothing but a snake.

Irv is Tasha Mack's enemy from seasons 1-3, as he seeks to steal clients from her and sign them himself. Also in season 3, he breaks up Tasha and Rick by firing her and promoting Rick. He ruins Kelly and Tasha's friendship but when Kelly record Irv bad mouthing Tasha, they become friends again. Irv is also Derwin Davis's manager until he becomes Tasha's client in season 5.

In season 9, he tricks Bryce Westbrook into signing with him. He says, "Whatever you do, do not tell Tasha Mack." then leaves.