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Keira Michelle Whitaker is one of the two new main characters of The Game, since the sixth season.She is portrayed by Lauren London. She also becomes the girlfriend of Bryce Westbrook.  (Seasons 6-9)


Keira is a 25 year old actress and ex-child star who became quite famous for playing one of the children in a long-running Cosby-esque family sitcom. Since the show's cancellation and Keira entering her early twenties, Keira has diffcult times finding roles and transitioning into an adult actress. She is bright, charming, and since the age of five quite comfortable with the spotlight. Her insecurites come into play as she navigates through a new world and her days in the spotlight are numbered. After filming a movie titled "Baggers", she seemed to have filmed a sex scene with her co-star, Luke but didn't tell Blue.

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